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In Poland, sustainable development policy is based on strategic documents. Adopted by the Polish government on 14 February 2017 The Strategy for Responsible Development (SOR) is an overarching strategy, which is Poland's response to the 2030 Agenda Goals. The development model for Poland included in the Strategy is consistent with the vision of the world set out in the Agenda by the UN. Following the adoption of the SOR, at the ministerial level, detailed priorities of the utmost significance for Poland in the context of achieving 2030 Agenda Goals were set in 2018.

Division of competences 

In Poland, the model of sharing responsibility for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals is applied, as recommended in the Agenda. At the political level, programs and actions are being developed and set to ensure progress in achieving the Goals. Public statistics is responsible for their monitoring.

The convergence of the Strategy for Responsible Development with the 2030 Agenda is noticeable at the level of goals, priority areas and actions, as well as indicators monitoring the progress in their implementation. The Ministry of Investment and Development is the coordinator of the process of implementing the Strategy for Responsible Development. However, the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology coordinates the implementation of the UN Agenda at the government level in Poland, while ensuring that its goals are consistent with the national development policy.

The Agenda emphasizes the importance of an efficient monitoring and reporting system for achieving its goals. In Poland, activities in this area are coordinated by Statistics Poland. Statistics Poland is responsible, among others, for reporting indicators, providing accurate and reliable data, both nationally and globally. The SDG reporting platform, made available by Statistics Poland, is used to monitor the sustainable development goals and report data for global needs. 


The optimal implementation of the sustainable development goals, both at the national and international level, is conditioned by the efficient cooperation of many stakeholders at different levels of activity.

Following this principle, Statistics Poland cooperates with many national entities, in particular with the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology and ministries that are coordinators of individual goals. It allows to ensure coherence of conducted activities and to support the effective realization of tasks related to the implementation and monitoring of sustainable development goals. Moreover, in the initial phase of work related to the 2030 Agenda, cooperation with the UN Information Center in Warsaw, which undertakes actions aimed at promoting the 2030 Agenda goals, was strengthened.

Poland is also actively involved in activities undertaken on the international arena, ensuring the exchange of experience and good practices and strengthening its image in the world. Poland's extensive experience in monitoring sustainable development and activity in developing tools for monitoring sustainable development goals (e.g. the national SDG platform) have been appreciated, among others at the level of the Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). The activities of this Commission are oriented towards supporting countries of the region in planning and organizing the process of SDGs monitoring and reporting data for the UN needs.

Starting from 2018, a representative of Statistics Poland co-chairs (together with Switzerland) the CES Steering Group on Statistics for Sustainable Development Goals. At the same time, representatives of the Statistics Poland are the members of Task Teams: on the National Reporting Platforms, on the Communication of Statistics and on Capacity Development.

One of the measurable effects of the Steering Group's work is Roadmap for the countries of the region (Road Map on statistics for Sustainable Development Goals), which aims to facilitate the preparation for reporting data for indicators monitoring the goals of sustainable development. The document is developmental in character and will be updated based on the experience gained so far.

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More information on sustainable development can be found on Statistics Poland's official website, in the dedicated section: Sustainable development.


Polish official statistics has been active in the field of sustainable development for many years. In 2011, the official statistics developed the first set of indicators monitoring sustainable development in Poland, which a few years later was supplemented by sets of indicators monitoring lower territorial levels (voivodships, powiats). More information on work in this area can be found at:

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